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Nichi Glucan in Dyslipidemia
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Dyslipidemia is a major risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases and statins are the common drugs used to correct dyslipidemia. .

Nichi Glucan derived from the black yeast when taken as a food supplement along with the routine medications is beneficial to lower and maintain the lipid levels under normal ranges in such induividuals having dyslipidemia

In the peer reveiwed journals also similar findings have been reported in a human clinical study Nichi Glucan food supplement when taken daily for 2 months the triglyceride levels decreased from 523 mg/dL (at start of the study) to 175 mg/dL, VLDL levels, which were 104.6 mg/dL at the start of the study decreased to 35 mg/dL and the HDL cholesterol levels increased from 27 to 38 mg/dL. studies.

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