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Unique advantages of Nichi-Glucan

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1. The source of Nichi-Glucan is superior

Nichi glucan is a produce by black yeast (Aerobasidium Pullulans) and not from mushroom etc.,

2. Unique production method under GMP conditions

We have been able to develop a black yeast that produces pure Nichi Glucan against other beta glucans extracted and purified from their sources

3. Added healthcare benefits

The Exo-Polysaccharide (EPS) derived Nichi Glucan has beneficial impacts in terms of blood glucose, cholesterol etc.,

4. Continuous Research & Development

The Glucan History


In 1941, Dr Pillemer developed a compound from yeast and named it Zymosan, which had some properties of enhancing the immunity. Since the Zymosan was not well refined and had several components as Proteins and non-water soluble property, the exact mechanism and explanation of its immune-enhancing capability could not be clarified.

In 1960 Dr Nicholas et al., came out with a finding that one of the active ingredient in the Zymosan was responsible for immune enhancement.